A trip to southeastern TV "the taste of travel" tour of Melbourne

Sitting on the tranquil Yarra valley;

The evening walk off the coast of St Kilda;

This is a city full of vitality and joy;

There are countless ancient buildings in Vitoria;

Add radiance and beauty to each other;

Unique scene;

This is Melbourne, with the honor of "the capital of Australia."

With the popularity of the southeastern satellite TV "the taste of travel", Melbourne is gradually coming into the eyes of people, and their ears are constantly haunting the melodious songs of the program.

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of years of the Yarra River, known as the "mother river of Melbourne". Heyuan to the Yarra Matlock mountains, flows through Melbourne into Hobson bay. It is understood that the Yarra River will not only geographically Melbourne One divides into two., so in the social life, it also plays a role in dividing line.

Related parties, visitors can sit in the boat on the purple velvet chair, along the endless of the Yarra River, quietly feeling of modern and classical Melbourne. Or along the picturesque riparian cars, walking, old bridges connecting the north and south sides, and a pastoral scenery on the way is refreshing and pleasant.

Recently, China Tourism Research Institute issued the annual report on the development of China's outbound tourism 2017. The report shows that Australia accounted for thirteenth of the country's outbound tourist destinations in 2016.

With the popularity of Chinese outbound travel, the proportion of outbound travel agencies is also changing. According to the report, the total amount of China's outbound tourism market and the consumption growth in 2016 show a trend of slowing down. China's outbound travel market has reached 122 million people, and outbound tourism costs 109 billion 800 million US dollars, up 4.3% and 5.07% over the same period. It is understood that the destination for outbound tourism consumption behavior seen from "buy buy buy" to "swim Yo" signs of changes in China, China's outbound tourism is undergoing tremendous changes, the depth of travel, freedom is gradually being sought, consumers choose more spiritual satisfaction.

It is understood that the middle class who has already had many outbound travel experience is developing a relatively stable niche market. They have relatively stable destination preferences and consumption patterns, and emphasize the experience of the way of destination life. Free travel rather than group tours, cities, resorts rather than countries, share living space with residents instead of being confined to closed tourism reception system, fragmented and random supplier selection rather than whole packaged travel service. Because of the existence of this basic market, the outbound tourists' concept of overseas consumption has also been changing.

The market determines the interests. In recent years, online and offline travel service providers emerge one after another. How to win the favor of the middle class of overseas travel is the strategic competition direction of travel service providers.

According to the official report, Ren tour is constantly innovating on the way to seize the market, and as the taste of travel is sowing, RRUU is more in the eyes of the people. It is understood that RRUU to "travel" to play with all the taste of products and personnel dispatch station in Melbourne, RRUU played in the Australian market advantage, there is what you see in RRUU of the Yarra River and explore the Vitoria market taste experience.

It is understood that Ren Hang company was founded in 2014. It is a platform based on the one-stop booking service of free travel and the mobile Internet provides users with free travel destinations. So far, he has been the leading enterprise of China's free travel reservation service.

In terms of supply chain, Ren you has covered over four cities in 400 major cities, including Oceania, North America, Europe, Asia (Japan, Singapore, Dubai and Thailand), which can provide 20 thousand SKU products. It is understood that the core products of the existing tour over 60% can be immediately out of the ticket, saving precious time for the consumers. In terms of product richness, Ren tours provide nine categories of attractions, such as attractions tickets, local entertainment, renting, pick up machines, visa, transportation ticketing, travel essential, gourmet restaurants and event performances, to provide consumers with one-stop service.

Along with the deepening of cooperation with RRUU "travel" taste, unfolds as RRUU lead in the Australian market,RRUU will also launch more depth cooperation of global destination resources with the airlines, the bank credit card department, film and television and other fields, the earth more beautiful and Chinese visitors to share.

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