Outbound free bank reservation service won 35 million yuan A+ round financing

With the upgrading of consumption, more and more free travel has become a new choice for national tourism.

The investment community (WeChat ID:pedaily2012) August 17th news, focus on outbound visit booking service startup tour announced A+ round of investment in the recent acquisition of 35 million yuan, the current round of financing by the A shares of the listed company's Investment Fund led, early investors Lenovo venture capital with the cast, know early.

RRUU founder revealed that this round of financing will be mainly used to enhance the ability of overseas procurement, integration of more categories, with more direct suppliers, further enhance operational efficiency; optimize mobile scenarios of user experience and local service standards, customer service system, the construction of a high standard, for passengers to provide all aspects of customer service service, be satisfied with 100 points.

RRUU booking deep outbound free exercise this segment, but also by the entrepreneurial team of mobile Internet for entrepreneurs and professionals engaged in tourism, the architecture of the IT system, with the rapid growth of outbound free market, and took RRUU company solid supply chain management and the front desk marketing performance, the company has in 2015 and 2016 get to know the initial capital of angel investment and Lenovo venture 15 million yuan of A round of financing.

RRUUFounded in 2014, headquartered in Chengdu, currently has 150 people's service team, is committed to travel planning, real-time booking to line services in three aspects, to provide users with the complete end to end services, and become the outbreaks of all kinds of pain problem solving providers. The company to pursue steady growth, solid foundation, accumulate steadily, at present one month has passed the breakeven point, in the fierce competition in the field of online travel and burn, RRUU is in the minority.

Tourism economy is experiential economy, experiential consumption, outbound free line reservation service is to connect offline resources to online and user connections, and then create the best user experience through scenario based services.

RRUU provides consumers with many well-known tourist products, such as the Losangeles Universal Studios, London's The London Eye, Paris Le Louvre Museum, Las Vegas KA show blue man show, the Disneyland in Japan, can also go to Australia to see the fireflies, to go north to see the aurora, to watch the Hobbit's former residence in new zealand......

At present, RRUU free line products have covered Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other places, with more than 10000 suppliers of direct destination. In the reservation of the products, RRUU is the most abundant category for the outbound free reservation platform includes local entertainment, transportation, car rental, traffic tickets, delicacy restaurant chizhuhang swim purchase all kinds of entertainment products, while playing for instant confirmation. In the travel planning, through the analysis of tourism data easily solve travel planning; personal service line, travel map, real-time notification, offline navigation map, electronic documents and other related services to view, and 7*20 hours customer service team, to solve the problem in line whenever and wherever possible.

In addition, RRUU also cooperate closely with flying pigs. In addition to providing a variety of tourism products, it also provides scene service through mobile APP, through line, service line. The ant nest, poor travel as tourists sharing community media exchanges, and RRUU of complementary advantages, to provide information for outbound free customer service and communication in many aspects.