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  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour
  • Blue Mountains Day Tour

    Blue Mountains Day Tour

    City:Sydney Language:English Tour Type:One day tour ID:441

    1.Feed a Hungry Kangaroo at Featherdale Wildlife park & see Koalas lazing around

    2.Eco Point perfect views of the 3 Sisters

    3.Enjoy a hearty two course lunch

    4.Aboriginal Cultural Show at Waradah

    5.Rivercat Cruise back into Glorious Sydney Harbour


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    Package Options

    Package Options

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    Activity Information


    1.Feed a Hungry Kangaroo at Featherdale Wildlife park & see Koalas lazing around

    2.Eco Point perfect views of the 3 Sisters

    3.Enjoy a hearty two course lunch

    4.Aboriginal Cultural Show at Waradah

    5.Rivercat Cruise back into Glorious Sydney Harbour

    Activity Details

    There are so many different sights to see throughout Australia, especially around its most iconic city. Sure, there’s the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, but there is somewhere that many people miss that provides a truly unforgettable experience – the Blue Mountains.On This blue mountain day tour you will enjoy a stop at Echo Point and see the famous Three Sisters rock formation and have an opportunity to visit Waradah Aboriginal Centre and hear the ancient Aboriginal legends of this impressive rock formation.

    If breath-taking views and overall natural beauty is something that you enjoy, there’s nothing better than taking a day trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney. It’s most certainly an experience that you’ll keep with you forever. You’ll see the famous Three Sisters in all their glory, visit Scenic world as well as a whole lot more, all included in our very competitive day tour price.

    Field Experience

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    Schedule Reference


    Time scheduling:

    7:10am The hotel shuttle

    After picking up people early in the morning from the hotel, our tour bus will be through the Sydney harbour bridge, the west to the blue mountains.

    8:50am Cliff View observatory

    Come to the center of the blue mountain and enter the observation deck on foot. This is the perfect view of Jamison canyon, with its rusty and pink sandstone and lush subtropical rain forest. And Cliff View observatory is a small team that can get there.

    9:30am Take the cable car, the sightseeing train, the cable car

    *Take an aerial cable car to admire the majestic mountains and listen to the beautiful legends about the three sisters' peaks

    *Take the world's most slanted sightseeing train to a 250-meter-deep valley, and if you're lucky, you'll see a variety of birds, including cockatoos, parrots, parrots, and parrots

    *Walk along the blue mountain trail through the jungle, then switch to blue mountain [cable car]. During the tour, you can see the three sisters’ peak, the Orphan rock, the mountain of mount, etc

    11:30am Indigenous culture and arts center

    Then we will visit Australia's first indigenous culture and arts center, experience the authentic aboriginal dance and dance performances, and learn about ancient civilizations. Here are some free time to buy your favorite aboriginal souvenirs at the store, or to the echo valley view of the three sisters’ peak

    12:30am 2 course lunch

    After the aboriginal center, we will go to blue mountain golf club to enjoy the delicious dish for lunch, 2 menu reference: fish, chicken, salad, vegetables, potato chips, etc., excluding drinks, can pay for on site

    13:30pm walk in blue mountain

    After lunch, walk a short walk on the blue mountain, and finally get a taste of her natural beauty. He then drove to fethold's safari park.

    15:00pm Entrance to Featherdale Wildlife Park

    Here you can have a unique experience with Australian wildlife, feeding kangaroos and taking photos with koalas (at $20, at your own expense)

    16:50pm Paramata river cruise

    After the trip to the zoo, drive to the port of Homebush, start cruising here and go down the parramata river to the roundabout. There is a bar on board, and you can buy soft drinks at your own expense

    18:50pm The cruise arrives at the Circular quay, ends the trip and returns to the hotel on its own

    * it is possible to get off the ship at the port of davi on Saturday and return to the hotel on its own 

    * The description of this itinerary is for reference only and is subject to the arrangement of the day.


    *The picture and itinerary for reference only, specific to the day of play arrangements shall prevail.

    Cost Description

    • Cost includes

      1.CBD Hotel pick up

      2.Entry to Featherdale, the award winning Wildlife Park

      3.Entry into Waradah Aboriginal Centre, and live performance.

      4.A hot two course hot lunch is included at a beautiful country restaurant.

      5.Guided walks with full commentary.

      6.Included in the price are the Blue Mountains Scenic Railway, Flyway Cable Car & Skywalk (Valued at $39.00)

      7.Stop at the Victorian Blue Mountains town of Leura

      8.The Rivercat from Homebush Bay returns you to Circular Quay for the conclusion of your Sydney day tour.

    • Costs are not included

      1. optional extras

      2. other personal consumption

    Please Note

    1.Child (3 – 12 years) $130 – subject to change, for children aged 0-2 years, $90/ person will be charged.

    2.Please state your hotel name and address, pickup location when booking

    3.After reservation, you will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1-3 business days. Once confirmed, we will send you the voucher via email.

    Booking Notice

    Cancellation Policy

    Less than 3 days prior to the booking time will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

    Cancellation charge 20% within 4-7 days.

    7 days before departure (not included) No cancellation charge.

    Important hints

    1. After returning to Circular Quay by boat in the afternoon, guests are asked to return to the hotel themselves, but not back to the hotel.

    2. March to November every day except Sunday, December - the following February each day departure.

    3. Small group travel, the team number: 12-20 people.

    4. Due to the limited space available, the journey can only carry carry-on bags and can not carry other luggage.

    5. Except for extreme bad weather itinerary may be canceled, normal rainy days will still be normal travel, suppliers will provide rain gear, it may be based on the weather changes some of the itinerary.

    Booking process

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    • 2.Pay the Order

    • 3.Confirmation of order information

    • 4.Receipt voucher

    • 5.Start your journey


    Voucher Information

    Print the voucher and show it to use. Please print out the receipt Voucher, hold the paper certificate and my valid certificate (passport) to the designated place to participate in the itinerary.

    Meeting point guidance

    Collection address and guidelines:
    Loftus St & Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia(Circular Quay Loftus St Outside McDonald's, close to the Museum of Modern Art, street view as below).
    Note: due to road construction, the current collection address temporarily changed to:FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, OUTSIDE 98 HARRINGTON STREET.

    What you need to know

    What to know:

    1.Because of the limited space of the vehicle, the travel can only carry the carry-on bag, not to carry other luggage.

    2.We operate in all weather conditions in winter rainfall is low an averages 8 days a month, we provide umbrellas and if the view is affected we do make changes to the itinerary.

    3.Recommended: a few cash and credit CARDS for on-site purchase of self-funded projects and catering.

    4.Summer sunshine is intense, please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, sunshade hats and mosquito repellent.

    Traffic information

    Traffic address

    Please meet us at the following address : Loftus St & Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia (Circular quay Loftus St Loftus street outside a McDonald's, close to the museum of modern art, street view figure below).

    Note:due to the road construction, the current assembly address is temporarily changed to: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, OUTSIDE 98 HARRINGTON STREET.                                     


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    • 行程安排总体满意,司导非常尽心尽力,全程不断进行介绍,非常幽默,回来的时候特意带大家看了奥林匹克村。可惜英文不怎么好,几乎没听明白他们在说什么,还有早上司机晚了十几分钟,害我以为被抛下了,不知道车牌号码,真是急出一身汗的

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